Saturday, 31 January 2015

Top 5 Creepypastas

This blog post is NOT for the faint of heart, as I count down my 5 favourite Creepypastas.  Given that I'm a mounmental coward who scares easily, it's fair to say a few of these have given me nightmares.  As such I'm not providing links - you can search them and be scared yourself.

5. Squidwards Suicide

It's mainly the artwork that people have come up with in regards to this pasta rather than the pasta itself that scare the living daylights out of me.  This is a pasta about a intern at a Nickelodeon studio who with a few other people come across a rather disturbing episode of Spongebob Squarepants which never aired thankfully, which concludes with Squidward committing suicide.  This one resonates with me because I've always identified strongly with Squidward - my siblings were the type to always try and intrude on my personal space in a similar fashion to what Spongebob and Patrick do to poor Squidward (hence why I hate Spongebob and Patrick so much).  Poor Squidward

4. Jeff the Killer

Again, it's the picture that does me in.  Especially those eyes, considering that whenever I leave the house I try to avoid eye contact as much as possible.  However I eventually found out the story behind Jeff and now I feel a bit sorry for him (although the picture STILL gives me nightmares if I see it) as I too got bullied pretty badly when I was younger.  However, even though homicide does seem appealing sometimes it's not my preferred method of dealing with conflict.

3. Abandon Lonliness

This Pokémon-themed pasta is probably more of a sadpasta than a creepy one - everyone knows the theory that in the Gen 1 Pokémon games you killed Blues Raticate on the S.S. Anne right?  Well, this pasta explores the three Gen 1 characters, Red, Leaf (from the remake) and Blue as Blue in his grief abandons his Eevee Lonliness to Leaf, who is tricked by ghosts into killing the poor little Eevee.  It's not so much scary as it is upsetting, to think of that poor little Eevee being regarded as a "curse".

2. Sonic.exe

Now THIS one I will gladly link you to, as I find it very hard to be scared by this one.  Mainly because it's Sonic, and there is absolutely nothing scary about Sonic in the slightest.  Click here to watch the Super Gaming Brothers Johnny and Elliot tackle the fan-made game that accompanies the pasta.

1. Tails Doll

THIS one makes me laugh, mainly because of the aforementioned Super Gaming Brothers.  You see, the original pasta goes that while playing Sonic R one day some kids get murdered by the unlockable character the Tails Doll.  Given that in Sonic R the Tails Doll is fairly useless, it's actually quite a surprising pasta.  The Super Gaming Brothers took this to the next level by including the Tails Doll as a character in a few of their reviews, mainly as an incompetent, murderous animation.  Click here to watch all the reviews that include the Tails Doll, including reviews of Sonic Genesis, Sonic R, The Saw Game, Mega Man and Ghosts and Goblins.  Even if you aren't interested in the Tails Doll, you can at least appreciate Johnnys reviews.

BTW I accept NO responsibilities for any nightmares you might have from reading this. 


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