Monday, 31 March 2014

A dying form of communication.

Unfortunately in this day and age where the focus is more on ourselves and getting things done quicker, we're losing touch with each other.  We're not communicating as we should, and quite frankly it's dangerous.  Important forms of communication are being lost, simple forms, and none of these more so than the simple indicator.

For those who are unaware of what an indicator is, it's the yellow flashing light on your car, and there's usually 3 on each side - one on the front, one on the side (or on the side mirror) and one on the back of each side of the car.  They are primarily used by drivers to signal intent - whether it's to turn a corner, pull over or merge into a lane.  It's a vital means of communicaton, and is capable of saving lives and keeping people safe.

Unfortunately this form of communication seems to be going out of style.  I'm seeing more and more cars that are obviously not built with indicators, as their drivers never use them.  It's a worrying trend and could very well be a dangerous one.  I can see a world where you're driving along and then suddenly someone just merges in front of you, giving you no time to act and causing an accident.  I beg car companies to install this critical device on all cars they manufacture, and I beg our driving instructors to make sure that people are trained to use these vital forms of communication.



So, my team lost again.  All because we simply can't keep up the heat when it's required.  Hopefully we don't lose against the Suns, because my dignity couldn't take it.  Part of me is still a bit sore about last year, not just about the Voss sacking, but all the factors that combined to turn our Club into a warzone.  It was supposed to be an amazing year for me, going to all 22 Lions games in the season and finally living my dream and moving to Brisbane, but unfortunately the PTB had other ideas.  If it wasn't constantly hearing about Essendon, it was the fight between the Lions Members and the Lions Board.  If it wasn't that, then it was Vossy under the pump.  Speaking of which, I've been watching Vossy on Fox Footy and he looks 10x healthier than what he did as Coach.  The red in his hair is definitely starting to return (of course, he could be dying it *shifty eyes*) and he looks happier.  Good for you Vossy!

And on the subject of health - Started week 4 of the Coach to 5kms program and managed 4.3kms today.  Hopefully I can keep it up, I surprised myself by being able to go 5 minutes straight jogging. - for those interested in taking up running but don't know where to start.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


I don't know if you could classify me as a gamer.  Don't get me wrong, my childhood hero is Sonic the Hedgehog and I still love playing a bit of Alex Kidd and Fantasy Zone, but I don't think I'm really a gamer.  I don't go looking for the latest games and consoles at all, and most mainstream games I probably suck at.

I do get addicted though.  Right now it's "Sonic Dash" on my Galaxy Note.  It used to be "Pok√©mon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire".  Before that it was "Plants vs. Zombies".  Before that was "Peggle".  Before that was "Sonic Chaos".  I just get hooked on a game and play it ad nausiem before moving on to the next one.  Mainly platformers and puzzles. I'm looking at "Airfix - Dogfighter" at the moment, so that could be my next addiction!

However, I have started a bit of an institution at work - first it was "Counter Strike", now it's "Unreal Tournament - 2004".  Of course, I don't "play" so much as I simply get my arse handed to me.  I'm still adapting to the controls, but I already have a favourite weapon - the Minigun.  Nothing beats a good rapid-fire, hold-down-the-mouse-key weapon that sprays bullets everywhere.  It's not as powerful as the Rocket Launcher, and needs a bit more precision, but once you let it rip it's bloody good.  Second favourite is the Link Gun, especially it's beam function that lets out a continuous stream of energy.  A bit more powerful than the Minigun, but not quite as satisfying.

Overall, gaming is fun, but I'd rather be outside going for a run or gardening.  Hopefully when the weather is milder I can get the team outside on the grass for a bit of cricket.  I think I might have a bit more of an advantage there!

In other news, port adelaide (deliberately not using capitals) won.  UGH! The only thing worse than a port win is a Lions loss - and hopefully we don't see one of those tomorrow.  I went to training this morning and felt for the players out there in the heat - if tomorrow is anything like today, then there will be some very sick boys coming off after the game from both teams.

After the game is going to be the Ressies, which I am VERY glad to see back at the Gabba.  Hopefully because it's after the Seniors and at the Gabba there will be a bigger crowd than usual.


Thursday, 27 March 2014


Anyone who knows me (i.e. all of you) will know I love a good conspiracy - and I love coming up with them.

So, let me unfurl my latest beauty involving Carlton, Collingwood, Mick Malthouse, Eddie McGuire and a 100-year grudge.

You see, Carlton were going places under Brett Ratten, and Collingwood only had a limited premiership window (as do most teams, unless you're Geelong).  Naturally, Eddie couldn't stomach the thought of Carlton getting ahead of the Pies, so he set in motion a plan.  He created the plan where Miserable Mick would leave Collingwood, looking like a very attractive coaching option for Carlton, who would NEVER pass up the chance to get one on Collingwood.  So, now Carlton have gotten rid of a favourite son (I wondered where the Lions got the idea from) for a coach who probably won't do much for them, and Collingwood now have the chance to one-up them.  And he would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for that silly Nathan Buckley being a spud.  Actually...yeah, you're right, no Collingwood supporter is THAT smart.

Anyway.  Today I had to deal with one of my worst fears - stairs.  I hate stairs, I always feel like I'm going to fall, and it's 10x worse in bad weather like the constant rain we're having at the moment.  Anyway, I tripped up on some stairs and completely freaked out.  I'm not sure how other people on the Autistic Spectrum deal when they freak out, but I feel it with my whole body, sometimes for up to an hour afterwards, every nerve on edge and stinging, my heart hurting (I'm talking a dull chest ache) and breathing difficult.  It makes it hard to think, which means my well-practised social skills go haywire.  I used to call it the adrenaline ache, as it felt like an adrenaline hit in my knuckles.  Most times I can recover in an hour or so, but there are times when it compounds and turns into a dreaded panic attack or meltdown, which I really DON'T feel like describing right now.  Still, I very, VERY rarely have them nowadays, which I am exceedingly thankful for :3.

The only real cure for these attacks seems to be the most ridiculous thing in the world, but funnily enough it works - footy.  A good game of Aussie Rules Football, especially if my Lions are involved, is a great way to unwind and calm down.  Speaking of which, this Richmond/Carlton game is getting rather spiteful.  Never been a fan of spiteful games, with stupid frees and reports being handed out like lollies.  Give me a real tussle any day of the week where both opponents just want to win.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Essendon again.

The only thing I like about the Essendon Saga (AODgate?) is that it took a lot of the heat off the Brisbane Lions as we went through our own Pinksiergate scandal.  What should have been a simple investigation into an alledged incident of doping at the Bombers has turned into a multiple ring circus with plenty of guilty parties and victims (and some who are both!).  Personally, I think the biggest victims are the supporters who willingly and lovingly tip their hard-earned money into the Club.  They've had to deal with the friction between their Club and a favourite son, they've had to deal with the taunts, and they've had to deal with the uncertainty - has their beloved team been cheating?

As Members of our Clubs, I fully believe that we have the right to hold our Clubs to account.  Whether it's guernsey issues, Board issues, drug scandals, poor on-field performance, players behaving badly, we have a right to hold the people we pay to account if they fail the standards we have asked of them.  I know if I upset a customer at work, I am definitely held to account for it.  When the Brisbane Lions Board went too far in messing with the guernsey (for the record, I am a Paddlepopper through and through, even though I love both logos and have both tattooed on my person), the members stood up and held them to account.  We pay for our say (and to those who say we only pay to get into games, why are some memberships more expensive than others then hmmm?) and for our emotional investment into our Clubs.  The Essendon Members who have been hurt by this scandal (and believe me, they've been hurt) should exercise their right to hold the Essendon Board and the AFL to account.  They've put their hearts and their money into the Club, they deserve to have a say in how this gets handled.  Personally, I'd be calling for a complete clean-out and start again.  Sure it would set the Club back a bit, but what's the price of a well-run Club?

I love my ink.

Anyone who knows me will know my addiction to Cherry Tomatoes.  They are so yummy.  So instead of wasting $4 a punnet at Coles I'm trying to grow my own. Had a look this afternoon after work and found sprouts.  Not only that, but my snow-peas are sprouting too!  Now to decide whether I want snow-pea sprouts or the actual peas, both are sooooooooooooo yummy!

A nice surprise after running in the rain this morning!  I must admit it felt good to go for a run in the rain at 5.30am this morning and seeing all the other people in New Farm who still got up and gave it their all.  Much respect to you all!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Being a Crazy Cat Lady.

It's kind of sad.  I'm only 25 and already a certified Crazy Cat Lady.  I own two cats (three if you count the Beagle back at my parents place - Beagles are simply cats in dogs bodies) named Cheynee Blakeley II (named after ex-Lions player Cheynee Stiller) and Bastet Achilles III (who I would have preferred to have named Joel for obvious reasons, but Bastet suits him just fine) and they are pretty much my life outside of work and footy.

"Cheynee-Brat" or "Chinny" is my beautiful calico princess.  She's a typical tortie with attitude to spare (which she doesn't).  She loves to talk to anyone who will listen (I will admit, she got that from me) and loves to be fussed over - however you have to go to her, not the other way around, and she will yell at you until you come over and give her the loving she wants!

           "Love me!"

"Boofy-Cat" is a black and white menace.  He's a typical bully - loves antagonising his sister and beating up smaller animals/cats, but heaven forbid you take him out of his comfort zone.  While Cheynee likes exploring, Bastet will find the nearest bed/desk/whatever to hide under or behind until he's certain he's safe.  He's also a sook, who will only come over for cuddles if I seem to be busy on my laptop.

"I get it.  You have 'pposable thumbs. Yay for you."

I got them when they were five weeks old from a guy who was trying to get rid of them and their siblings - an unwanted litter. Why people insist on having pets (note I said pets, not breeding animals) when they can't afford to have them fixed so they can't reproduce is beyond me.  

And that is pretty much my family at the moment.  And probably the most my family will ever be - cats.  Or maybe one day a bird.

In other news, poor Tom Rockliff got suspended.  Why? Because trial by media.  Honestly, you see that exact same hit all the time in every game - some players just like to show off their acting skills.  No wonder Buddy Franklin is such a prat if that's what he came up with at Hawthorn.  Of course, if that had been any high-profile Victorian player such as Nick Maxwell, Nick Riewoldt, Joel Selwood, Bob Murphy, etc who had laid that bump on a low-profile interstate player such as Joel Patfull, Scott Selwood, Taylor Walker etc, there would not have been a word said and the media would not have pressured the MRP to act.  IMO of course, but the MRP is far too media-driven and more worried about appeasing the Mark Robinsons and Jon Ralphs of the world than actually adjudicating the game.

Speaking of footy, guess who only tipped 3 wins for Round 1?  Yes, I know I shouldn't tip with my heart.  Speaking of tipping with the heart...maybe I should change my Dream Team captain...

Catch yas later!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Season has started!

YAY! Footy season is BACK! For anyone who doesn't know me (and I doubt there are too many people who DON'T know me who will be reading this, but if you're one of those people then big hugs!) I am a die-hard fanatical Brisbane Lions fan who last season took it upon herself to go to every Lions game in a season - including flying to Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.  And anyone who knows me knows that I can be rather superstitious and believe 100% in the Footy Gods and Karma.  Which is why I try all week to be the best I can be, so hopefully the Footy Gods smile down on my team and I and give us a win.  Doesn't always work, but it's incentive for trying to be good I guess.

Speaking of being good, I just finished week 2 of the Couch to 5kms program.  I tried this earlier in the year before being uprooted from Kangaroo Point to New Farm which completely threw me out of whack, and I ended up giving up at this point.  I still did the International Womens Day 5km Fun Run (raising money for Mater Hill and Breast Cancer research, I got up to $100) and didn't do too badly (IMHO) so I'm trying again to train up.  This time I'm looking at doing the ANZAC Run (6kms) on the 27th April, this time raising money for Legacy, who support the familes of our serving men and women.  So, hopefully this time nothing trips me up and I can complete the program and get fit again (I am seriously overweight at the moment.  It's embarrassing).

Anyway, I'm going to get ready to head to Redlands to watch the Brisbane Lions Reserves boys do their thing (even though I have a bit of a soft spot for Redlands), then I'll either head to Lions@Springwood or head home to watch the senior boys take on Hawthorn in Tassie.  Hopefully my boy Joel Patfull can continue his brilliant form from last year - I've already got him down for his third Club Championship.  Other players I'm keeping an eye on are Justin Clarke, Michael Close, James Aish and Squizzy...and if I ever remember what Squizzy's name actually is I'll tell you.  Close, Aish and Squizzy are making their senior debut today, and Clarke is a young budding defender, and I love my defenders.


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