Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Season has started!

YAY! Footy season is BACK! For anyone who doesn't know me (and I doubt there are too many people who DON'T know me who will be reading this, but if you're one of those people then big hugs!) I am a die-hard fanatical Brisbane Lions fan who last season took it upon herself to go to every Lions game in a season - including flying to Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.  And anyone who knows me knows that I can be rather superstitious and believe 100% in the Footy Gods and Karma.  Which is why I try all week to be the best I can be, so hopefully the Footy Gods smile down on my team and I and give us a win.  Doesn't always work, but it's incentive for trying to be good I guess.

Speaking of being good, I just finished week 2 of the Couch to 5kms program.  I tried this earlier in the year before being uprooted from Kangaroo Point to New Farm which completely threw me out of whack, and I ended up giving up at this point.  I still did the International Womens Day 5km Fun Run (raising money for Mater Hill and Breast Cancer research, I got up to $100) and didn't do too badly (IMHO) so I'm trying again to train up.  This time I'm looking at doing the ANZAC Run (6kms) on the 27th April, this time raising money for Legacy, who support the familes of our serving men and women.  So, hopefully this time nothing trips me up and I can complete the program and get fit again (I am seriously overweight at the moment.  It's embarrassing).

Anyway, I'm going to get ready to head to Redlands to watch the Brisbane Lions Reserves boys do their thing (even though I have a bit of a soft spot for Redlands), then I'll either head to Lions@Springwood or head home to watch the senior boys take on Hawthorn in Tassie.  Hopefully my boy Joel Patfull can continue his brilliant form from last year - I've already got him down for his third Club Championship.  Other players I'm keeping an eye on are Justin Clarke, Michael Close, James Aish and Squizzy...and if I ever remember what Squizzy's name actually is I'll tell you.  Close, Aish and Squizzy are making their senior debut today, and Clarke is a young budding defender, and I love my defenders.


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