Saturday, 29 March 2014


I don't know if you could classify me as a gamer.  Don't get me wrong, my childhood hero is Sonic the Hedgehog and I still love playing a bit of Alex Kidd and Fantasy Zone, but I don't think I'm really a gamer.  I don't go looking for the latest games and consoles at all, and most mainstream games I probably suck at.

I do get addicted though.  Right now it's "Sonic Dash" on my Galaxy Note.  It used to be "Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire".  Before that it was "Plants vs. Zombies".  Before that was "Peggle".  Before that was "Sonic Chaos".  I just get hooked on a game and play it ad nausiem before moving on to the next one.  Mainly platformers and puzzles. I'm looking at "Airfix - Dogfighter" at the moment, so that could be my next addiction!

However, I have started a bit of an institution at work - first it was "Counter Strike", now it's "Unreal Tournament - 2004".  Of course, I don't "play" so much as I simply get my arse handed to me.  I'm still adapting to the controls, but I already have a favourite weapon - the Minigun.  Nothing beats a good rapid-fire, hold-down-the-mouse-key weapon that sprays bullets everywhere.  It's not as powerful as the Rocket Launcher, and needs a bit more precision, but once you let it rip it's bloody good.  Second favourite is the Link Gun, especially it's beam function that lets out a continuous stream of energy.  A bit more powerful than the Minigun, but not quite as satisfying.

Overall, gaming is fun, but I'd rather be outside going for a run or gardening.  Hopefully when the weather is milder I can get the team outside on the grass for a bit of cricket.  I think I might have a bit more of an advantage there!

In other news, port adelaide (deliberately not using capitals) won.  UGH! The only thing worse than a port win is a Lions loss - and hopefully we don't see one of those tomorrow.  I went to training this morning and felt for the players out there in the heat - if tomorrow is anything like today, then there will be some very sick boys coming off after the game from both teams.

After the game is going to be the Ressies, which I am VERY glad to see back at the Gabba.  Hopefully because it's after the Seniors and at the Gabba there will be a bigger crowd than usual.


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