Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Essendon again.

The only thing I like about the Essendon Saga (AODgate?) is that it took a lot of the heat off the Brisbane Lions as we went through our own Pinksiergate scandal.  What should have been a simple investigation into an alledged incident of doping at the Bombers has turned into a multiple ring circus with plenty of guilty parties and victims (and some who are both!).  Personally, I think the biggest victims are the supporters who willingly and lovingly tip their hard-earned money into the Club.  They've had to deal with the friction between their Club and a favourite son, they've had to deal with the taunts, and they've had to deal with the uncertainty - has their beloved team been cheating?

As Members of our Clubs, I fully believe that we have the right to hold our Clubs to account.  Whether it's guernsey issues, Board issues, drug scandals, poor on-field performance, players behaving badly, we have a right to hold the people we pay to account if they fail the standards we have asked of them.  I know if I upset a customer at work, I am definitely held to account for it.  When the Brisbane Lions Board went too far in messing with the guernsey (for the record, I am a Paddlepopper through and through, even though I love both logos and have both tattooed on my person), the members stood up and held them to account.  We pay for our say (and to those who say we only pay to get into games, why are some memberships more expensive than others then hmmm?) and for our emotional investment into our Clubs.  The Essendon Members who have been hurt by this scandal (and believe me, they've been hurt) should exercise their right to hold the Essendon Board and the AFL to account.  They've put their hearts and their money into the Club, they deserve to have a say in how this gets handled.  Personally, I'd be calling for a complete clean-out and start again.  Sure it would set the Club back a bit, but what's the price of a well-run Club?

I love my ink.

Anyone who knows me will know my addiction to Cherry Tomatoes.  They are so yummy.  So instead of wasting $4 a punnet at Coles I'm trying to grow my own. Had a look this afternoon after work and found sprouts.  Not only that, but my snow-peas are sprouting too!  Now to decide whether I want snow-pea sprouts or the actual peas, both are sooooooooooooo yummy!

A nice surprise after running in the rain this morning!  I must admit it felt good to go for a run in the rain at 5.30am this morning and seeing all the other people in New Farm who still got up and gave it their all.  Much respect to you all!

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