Thursday, 27 April 2017


It's no great secret that one of my favourite shows to this day is "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends", especially the first two seasons. Episodes like "Coal" from the first season where the Fat Controller gives Henry a fair go make my heart sing, and while Henry is special to me in his own way, he's just not Edward.

Seriously, how can you NOT love this wise old engine? Not only is this bright blue "Larger Seagull" a gorgeous example of a Furness Railway K2 engine, but he's also the kindest, most helpful soul on the Island of Sodor.

Before I go on though, let's make one thing clear: Edward and James are two completely different models of train - in fact, James is a L&YR Class 28 variant (a failed experiment) with a 2-6-0 config. Edward is a 4-4-0 config, and is much better-looking in my very honest opinion!

While I can relate to Henry the most sometimes (especially in the aforementioned "Coal" episode) he still has his moments where he's easily led by the other engines who might not be the best examples, like Gordon or James. Edward on the other hand, while being timid like Henry, has enough sense of self to not buy into their nonsense and do his own thing. Instead of being worried about being seen with the shiniest of new coaches, he's happy to go and play with trucks. Instead of being vain and silly, he's wise and helpful, always willing to lend a hand (or wheel...whatever) to whomever might be in trouble (for example, pushing Gordon up the hill when he gets stuck or saving Trevor from scrap).

These things, along with Edwards sunny nature and strong work ethic, make me love the little engine so much. I would LOVE to see episodes on Edwards backstory, as he's so old he was actually one of the engines who helped build the Fat Controllers railway. It would be so interesting to see the way he became the wise old man that he is today. I imagine that when he first started, he was a lot like Thomas, although perhaps not so impulsive or arrogant.

He's not perfect of course, and sometimes the words of the bigger, younger, stronger engines get to him and make him sad (and we won't talk about the complete character retcon they did to him in later seasons - it makes my blood boil), but that's what makes me love him so much - even though he's upset, he still keeps on going and doing his own thing, which is whatever the Fat Controller needs him to do. This is a quality that not many people seem to have. Many people either get sad or angry and either look to pay their tormentor out or just give up and go with the flow. We could all learn a lot from Edward, who is easily one of my favourite characters of all time.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Top 10 Wrestlers Past and Present...other than 'Taker

I think it's pretty much a given that the Undertaker is my (and a lot of peoples) favourite wrestler of all time. I could gush on forever about how great the Deadman is, but I've already done so, therefore, the Undertaker will NOT be appearing on this list. Redundancy and all that jazz. It'd be like me doing a revised top ten songs list - and if you don't know what the number one song is always going to be, you're either a new reader (in which case, hi there!) or you just don't know me at all ("I Can't Dance" by Genesis, okay?).

Now, I'm not the best judge of wrestling ability. So while I can appreciate good spots, I'm more after people who can just make me laugh and enjoy myself. I love watching wrestlers who not only hit hard in the ring, but can keep me entertained outside of matches too.

So here are my Top Ten Favourite Wrestlers - other than the Undertaker!

10. William Regal

He's British, he's hilarious, he's tough, he's just so much fun! And that voice is something to DIE for! I can't decide whether his run with Dave Taylor against Brian Kendrick and Paul London or his run with Eugene is my favourite. Maybe his time as the Commissioner is my favourite... He's man...such a man...

9. Daniel Bryan

I remember when this guy took down the Wyatt family in a Steel Cage, and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand afterwards. I was just like "Wow." I was stunned. Although I absolutely ADORED him as part of Team Hell No. Especially once you threw Randy Orton into the mix. Poor Randy.

8. Triple H

When this guy wants to be funny, he can be pretty funny. I can still remember him crashing the Edge/Vicki Guerrero wedding. He's also fairly intimidating, and can make just about anyone look good in the ring. But my favourite memories of him are easily when he's paired with the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels as D-Generation X. Oh irrelevant humour, how I love thee!

7. Rey Mysterio

I also have a soft spot for underdogs, and Rey Mysterio is the ultimate underdog. I love his fast, high-flying style and his never-say-die attitude. It's so much fun to watch him go up against some of the biggest guys in the business and just deck them. The 619 is one of my favourite moves of all time, and just looks so much fun!

6. Randy Orton

I think it's because he's pretty much the polar opposite of John Cena (who is okay, I guess) which totally appeals to my Slytherin nature. I love watching him systematically take his opponents apart, especially when he "loses it" and goes for the head punt. Oooh does he give me the shivers sometimes!

5. Edge

Between this guy and Christian, I could die laughing. While he's not quite as entertaining without Christian, he can still work the mic very well. He'd probably be higher on the list if he continued being the funny guy instead of becoming the more sadistic Ultimate Opportunist. Eh. I still loved how he destroyed the laptop of the Anonymous General Manager, and his promos with Kurt Angle still give me bellyache from the laughter.

4. Vicki Guerrero

She wrestled at least one match, so she counts! Simply put, this woman was THE best heel in the business for a long time. Even today if someone says "Excuse me" I'm tempted to scowl. She lied, cheated and stole better than anyone else in the company, and it was just so entertaining! I think a big part of the appeal is that once she got power, she abused it just like all of us want to do but are too "morally upstanding" to do.

3. Kane

Of COURSE the Undertakers little brother was going to be on this list, how couldn't he? An unbelievable performer, who can be just as funny as anyone else without losing the intimidation factor. The only reason he's not as much of a favourite as his brother is because he just never really had that "indestructible" factor that the Undertaker has. I guess that's just a consequence of being the younger brother I guess. I love the chemistry he has with the Deadman, whether fighting alongside him or against him. In fact, one match I do enjoy is the Undertaker vs. Issac Yankem. Definitely something to go back and watch.

2. Wade Barrett

I swear this guy was Lord Flashheart in a past life (seriously, substitute "Boom" for "Wuff" and you'll see what I mean). He is easily the most HILARIOUS wrestler I have ever had the pleasure of watching (if you ever need a chuckle, just check out his Instagram). He just taps into my love of British comedy and I just lap it up. Even when he was with the Nexus and doing the "Barrett Barrage" he was just so fun to watch. Shame he looks like the bastard child of Blackadder and Arnold Rimmer, but hey, if they do a Blackadder reboot they could easily cast him in the title role (and shoehorn Cody Rhodes in as Baldrick).

1. Shawn Michaels

This guy MADE D-Generation X. He's hilarious on his own, but pair him with Triple H and I'm just gone. The difference between him and Hunter though is that without Shawn, Triple H just loses a bit of his shine, whereas Shawn can hold his own easily.  To me, he's almost equal with the Undertaker in how much I love him (although I didn't cry when Shawn retired). The single best part about HBK though has to be Sweet Chin Music. The number of times I've been watching someone ramble on and on and on on the mic and thought to myself "Gosh I wish HBK would just kick them and have it done with." are too many to count. His energy is amazing and it's hard not to get swept up in it.

On another note, for those who follow me on Instagram (@kezzstar24) and know of my tendency to go for extremely long walks, tomorrow I'm giving my 42km PB a shake. Hopefully if I can get the Charity Miles app working, I can make it count.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Where the bloody hell was I?

I know, I know, I disappeared and I left you all. I am so sorry!

So, a bit of an update on what I've been up to recently. First off, I'm currently in the process of having my first book, a collection of poetry under the title of "Ink in the Wind" published. That's right, you're going to be able to read my dribble in paperback! I don't have a release date yet, but stay tuned!

Secondly, I have finally been given a consistent shift at work. Which means I can now walk to work several times a week (and you all know how I love walking). Already I'm feeling the benefits, anxiety is down, health is up, fun is had and photos are on Instagram. Seriously, if you want to get into exercise, just find something that you love and do it. If you don't want to go to the gym, don't! Go play footy, go for a run, go dancing, whatever it is, just do it!

Also, if you haven't been on Facebook and liked Aspergers Syndrome Awareness: Bryan and Friends then definitely go do it! I'm one of the mods there now (an official Aspergers and Autism Advocate) and I love it! It's so good to be able to help.

Finally, on the back of "Ink in the Wind", I am now working on a very special project. This project is called "The Children of Wellsworth School" and it's childrens stories designed to introduce neurotypical children to neurodiversity and disability. Hopefully my voice will be just one of millions speaking out about acceptance and working together.

I promise that I'll try to update more regularly again! Keep an eye out for my next blog off the back of my last one - my Top 10 Favourite Wrestlers! Take care!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Thank You Taker

It's been nearly a year since my last update, but right now I'm heartbroken.

I am literally typing this through tears. The's finally over. It's so painful to see someone you loved, someone you feared, someone you looked up to go out like that. Not taking anything away from Roman Reigns, but to see someone like the Undertaker finally conquered forever...

For the longest time, the Undertaker was THE limit. Everyone fell before Deadman. No one was safe in his yard. It was no end of a thrill to see the Phenom get absolutely destroyed...only to sit right back up and END whoever was stupid enough to make him mad. Nothing was better than watching someone get a "win" against the Undertaker, only to regret it instantly when they got their backside handed to them.

Admittedly towards the end this aura of invincibility began to fade. I'm still filthy about Brock Lesnar. Even when Wade Barrett in his Nexus days laid Wasteland to the Deadman I was upset (and I'm definitely a Bad News fan). It was hard to watch him slowly become more and more...mortal, as time went on.

There was nothing better for a bad week than watching him take it out on someone. All of our power fantasies were lived through the Deadman. He was indestructible, We lapped it up. And even though we knew it was kayfabe, that all these Superstars were just actors who had a particularly violent job...the Undertaker was different somehow. Even without the theatrics, even behind a TV screen, his powerful aura was painfully obvious, so potent that he didn't even need to say a word. He worked hard, he gave his all, and he demanded respect. I think this is what made his act seem all the more real. Even though when the other Superstars looked terrified as he got up...was it really all an act?

As I tend to do, I'll honour the Phenom with a Top 5 list. My Top 5 Undertaker Moments!

5.  "You look like you've seen a ghost Mr. Kennedy!" Smackdown! 370, 22 Sept 2006

I don't know which was better - listening to Mr. Kennedy try to convince himself that he could beat the Undertaker, or King Bookers face when Bobby Lashley threw him back into the ring to face the music for low-blowing the Deadman. You really don't wanna make the Undertaker mad.

4. "MAYBE THERE IS SOMEONE!" Royal Rumble 2007

I love Shawn Michaels. Sweet Chin Music is easily my favourite finishing move, just purely for how entertaining it can be. Put him with the Undertaker in the best finale of the Royal Rumble ever (in my opinion) and you have magic. You could almost substitute this with either one of their Wrestlemania matches, but for me anyway this is my favourite of their bouts.

3. Brothers of Destruction

Yeah, this is totally cheating. But any moment with the Undertaker and Kane is always great, whether they're on the same side trying to outdo each other or against each other trying to kill each other, the pair have amazing chemistry and compliment each other well in the ring. My favourite though has to be the first Inferno Match. Cop THAT Kane!

2. "GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, HE'S KILLED HIM!" King of the Ring 1998

Someone please tell me how exactly Mick Foley is still alive and in (mostly) one piece. This match just absolutely kills me every time I watch it. The sheer dominance of the Deadman is a sight to behold, and Mankind getting slammed pillar to post is just icing on the cake. HOW IS MICK FOLEY STILL ALIVE?!

1. "When Daddy wakes up, tell him the Undertaker took back his yard." Smackdown! 89, 3 May 2001

The Two-Man Power-Trip really shouldn't have messed with Kane. I know when people go after my siblings, I tend to get a touch irrational. I'm not surprised that the Undertaker went a bit ape. Throwing Stone Cold Steve Austin through a window, attacking him in the ambulance (while taking out Triple H at the same time) before belting the snot out of McMahon and scaring Stephanie with my favourite line in sports entertainment. The line is delivered in classic Undertaker style, cold, detached, and to the point. It's the perfect combination of the original Undertaker and the biker Undertaker. Beating up Rikishi was just icing on the cake.

The Undertaker has been a part of the WWE for a long, long time. It's hard to imagine the WWE without him. He gave us all so many great memories and amazing matches. Thank you Undertaker. Thank you so much for everything.