Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Being a Crazy Cat Lady.

It's kind of sad.  I'm only 25 and already a certified Crazy Cat Lady.  I own two cats (three if you count the Beagle back at my parents place - Beagles are simply cats in dogs bodies) named Cheynee Blakeley II (named after ex-Lions player Cheynee Stiller) and Bastet Achilles III (who I would have preferred to have named Joel for obvious reasons, but Bastet suits him just fine) and they are pretty much my life outside of work and footy.

"Cheynee-Brat" or "Chinny" is my beautiful calico princess.  She's a typical tortie with attitude to spare (which she doesn't).  She loves to talk to anyone who will listen (I will admit, she got that from me) and loves to be fussed over - however you have to go to her, not the other way around, and she will yell at you until you come over and give her the loving she wants!

           "Love me!"

"Boofy-Cat" is a black and white menace.  He's a typical bully - loves antagonising his sister and beating up smaller animals/cats, but heaven forbid you take him out of his comfort zone.  While Cheynee likes exploring, Bastet will find the nearest bed/desk/whatever to hide under or behind until he's certain he's safe.  He's also a sook, who will only come over for cuddles if I seem to be busy on my laptop.

"I get it.  You have 'pposable thumbs. Yay for you."

I got them when they were five weeks old from a guy who was trying to get rid of them and their siblings - an unwanted litter. Why people insist on having pets (note I said pets, not breeding animals) when they can't afford to have them fixed so they can't reproduce is beyond me.  

And that is pretty much my family at the moment.  And probably the most my family will ever be - cats.  Or maybe one day a bird.

In other news, poor Tom Rockliff got suspended.  Why? Because trial by media.  Honestly, you see that exact same hit all the time in every game - some players just like to show off their acting skills.  No wonder Buddy Franklin is such a prat if that's what he came up with at Hawthorn.  Of course, if that had been any high-profile Victorian player such as Nick Maxwell, Nick Riewoldt, Joel Selwood, Bob Murphy, etc who had laid that bump on a low-profile interstate player such as Joel Patfull, Scott Selwood, Taylor Walker etc, there would not have been a word said and the media would not have pressured the MRP to act.  IMO of course, but the MRP is far too media-driven and more worried about appeasing the Mark Robinsons and Jon Ralphs of the world than actually adjudicating the game.

Speaking of footy, guess who only tipped 3 wins for Round 1?  Yes, I know I shouldn't tip with my heart.  Speaking of tipping with the heart...maybe I should change my Dream Team captain...

Catch yas later!

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  1. Crazy = Interesting
    Cat = Sensible
    Lady = Yes you are

    Doing good, I give you 7/10