Monday, 21 March 2016

My Top 5 Punctuation Marks

So I for a laugh I had a look at the Linkin Park Facebook page and now I'm having a LP binge to try and catch up with 8 years of not listening to them. Eh...?

Anyway, I was doodling on a piece of paper and started drawing some punctuation marks when it dawned on me: I'm a WRITER, so why don't I write about my favourite punctuation marks? It's the most logical thing in the world!

So here are my top 5 Punctuation Marks!

5. Semi-colon

Even though it's the only punctuation mark actually on my skin at present (and on my right wrist of all places) the humble semi-colon, which one uses to seperate clauses in a sentence, for example: "Peter hated his job; the hours were long and the people crooked." I'm trying to use them more in my work; semi-colons are nifty little devices after all.

4. Exclaimation Point

How awesome is this little dude! He can get anyone excited or make anyone angry; he's the emphasis of the punctuation world and he definitely makes an impact!

3. Colon

I write a lot of lists and love to describe things, so here is a description of my love of the colon: those two little dots are so cute and easy to write, and I can never escape them. They're used in IT a lot for drive letters for a start.

2. Full Stop

This little guy seperates ideas and allows space between thoughts and ideas. Between the full stop, the comma and the semi-colon, you can control the flow and sound of a sentence, changing meaning with a flick of ink.

1. Ellipsis

Stick one of these at the end of any sentence and people begin to wonder. You can change the whole meaning of a sentence with one of these things. It's the ultimate act of shit-stirring and cheekiness in written form, especially when paired with seemingly innocent sentences...

There you have it, my favourite punctuation marks! Feel free to read my other blogs, or even Chuckles and Giggles; not that I'd mind if you didn't...

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