Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Overreaction much?

If you believe social media (hardly a reliable source) or even the regular media (even less reliable) then the bad news is that Aussie Rules is dead as a sport.

Wow.  Really?  A game over 150 years old can be killed because one idiot from the demons gets suspended?

Yeah, no.

For those who are unaware, here is the incident for which Viney was suspended:

I'm flabbergasted with the overreaction to him getting suspended.  Players get suspended for stupid shit like this all the time and the bump has died so many times it might as well be a character from Dragon Ball Z.  Apparently it died last year too, and that didn't get nearly as much of a reaction as this has.

Is it because Melbourne-based Clubs and their supporters are so precious? If a Brisbane Lion, geelong cat, or sydney swan got suspended over a bump like that, the world certainly wouldn't be ending - if anything, they'd probably deserve it if you ask the Melbourne fans!

The fact is, we are only given one brain each (some people don't get any!) and we know so little about it.  What we do know is that damage to the brain can be long-lasting, hard to heal and have devastating effects on the life of the victim and those who care for them.  I fully agree with the AFL doing what they can to protect the interests of the players. Accidents happen in a contact sport, sometimes bad things happen, but if we can minimise that risk to our fellow human beings, then surely it's the right thing to do.

Poor management of satalite Clubs will kill the AFL long before the MRP and the Tribunal will.  Let's try to keep some perspective can we?

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