Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Favourite Youtube Channels.

There's nothing like coming home and watching a few videos on Youtube before settling into bed. Here are five of my favourite channels to settle down with after a long days work.

5. PMRants

This guy is HILARIOUS when it comes to tackling whatever subject it is he feels like talking about.  Whether it's responding to idiots in the comments section or talking about bronies, Phil has a dry wit and interesting spin on a lot of different topics.

4. ClementJ642

Ah, the Great Clement.  Dr. Robotnik's number one fan and another Sonic the Hedgehog diehard (only matched by his love of MegaMan).  His Let's Plays with their fun commentary are great for something quick to watch while you're waiting for dinner to finish cooking.  Although it's a little disturbing how his Eggman doll talks to him...

3. SomecallmeJohnny/The Super Gaming Bros.

Both channels are run by the same guy (Johnny) who is probably the best video-game reviewer I've ever watched.  His reviews are fun and interesting, with some interesting story twists thrown in (He's one of the reasons I can't take the Tails Doll creepypasta seriously).  I love the interplay his has with his younger brother Elliot, reminds me a bit of how my sister Meagan and I used to get along before I became uncool.

2. Filmcow

From the rather disturbing "Llamas with Hats" to the mind-boggling "Charlie the Unicorn", Filmcow keeps you guessing until the end.  It's completely whacked out but hilarious and great for those one-liners that you can repeat out of context in any situation.  Raw faces is just gross.

1. The Brisbane Lions

You guys REALLY expected something different?  Long live "Locker Talk"!

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