Monday, 28 April 2014

My favourite "pump-up" songs

Sometimes, you're unmotivated.  You're down and out.  Suddenly, one of those songs comes on, the blood starts pumping, the belief comes back, you're just that little bit motivated to get up and keep going - and that's all you need.  Here are some of my favourite "pump-up" songs.

"Hello, Hooray" - Alice Cooper

Those first two notes set the tone for this song.  You sway along with Alices beautiful voice, feeling stronger and stronger until you get to the peak -


How do you NOT feel strong after hearing that?!

"All Hail Shadow" -Crush 40

That rockin' guitar, that tough beat, those awesome lyrics.  Nothing can stop you now, not when this is blasting out of the speakers!

"One of a Kind" - Breaking Point

You can see why Rob. Van. Dam. Uses this as his theme song.  The intro sets the tone - you know something's coming, and it's One of a Kind, loud and thrilling!


"Escape from the City" - Ted Poley

Ironically (given I escaped TO the city) this is my "theme song". From the first "WOO!" its fast pace makes you want to run and run and run at super-sonic speed while being chased by a G.U.N truck.

And finally:

The Brisbane Lions Club Song.

This song encompasses everything that I am, and everything that I ever will be - a Brisbane Lion.  Most of my friends are Lions, my cats are Lions (yes, I'm one of those sad people who gets pet memberships), my family are Lions and I have two Lions tattooed on me.

Although I prefer this version:

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