Monday, 21 April 2014

The most important job - being a big sister.

I am the older sister of three interesting (read: wacko) people: Adam, Meagan and Natalie.  It's something I take seriously, seeing as I have no older siblings of my own, which I would have loved to have had.  Imagine having an older sibling to drive you around, take you to the movies, go to the footy with, lend you copious amounts of money...let's face it, I tend to spoil my siblings when I get the chance.

Adam is the next in line after me, and he gets it pretty rough.  Mostly because he's a dickhead who has questionable taste in friends, but I guess some of it is bad luck.  But I will admit he's getting a lot better.  I remember visiting him when he lived in Melbourne.  Even though circumstances forced him back home, I was still so proud of him, and still am (hopefully he never EVER reads this blog).  While I don't ever see him giving up smoking (sigh) he's got his life mostly on track and I can only see things getting better for him (that hurt to type).

Meagan is next, and while we look nothing alike we used to be pretty close.  I guess me moving away to the big smoke has strained things somewhat, but she's still the only person I know who appreciates the word "pretentious" as much as I do.  She's also the most talented person I know - I can just see her as a backup dancer in a music video or on stage to some pop star someday. Her only real problem is that she can be a bit of a lazy cow, but other than that she'll be alright.

Lastly, there's Natalie.  I haven't known Nat very long, but I see so much of myself in her.  She's my only sibling who's also has Aspergers Syndrome, and I can almost see her running into many of the same roadblocks I have, such as a very overactive imagination, being a bit too trusting and friendly, being a bit hyperactive and a lack of social graces.  Hopefully though since she was caught and diagnosed early she might stand a better chance than what I did.

All three of them are pretty awesome and unique, and while we don't all have the same parents (some of them not even sharing any parents!) we're all pretty strong individuals...and all completely mental.

I love being a big sister!

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