Tuesday, 8 April 2014

When your brain won't listen

You might notice the time I've posted this (then again, I don't really pay attention to how Google timestamps these things) is 4.30ish in the morning.  "WTF are you doing up blogging that early?" you might ask.

Because I have just spent the last half an hour in terror.  In that horrible little zone between sleep and being awake, when my sub-conscious is still active and boy is my sub-conscious freaky.  I suppose it's my own fault, yesterday I watched a creepypasta vid (seriously, who the fuck thinks these things up? You should be ashamed of yourself!), plus was showed a "Every death from Game of Thrones in 10 minutes" video (and I never watch GoT for a very good reason) and my brain is probably still digesting it, but when you want to think of pleasant things but your mind can only churn up freaky red eyes and sharp teeth it's scary.  I was too terrified to close my eyes, even though I'm exhausted and can barely keep them open now.

There are people in this world who just can't do scary stuff, and I'm one of them.  Unfortunately there are people who see this as cowardice and who will probably have a good laugh at my expense - I hope they NEVER have to spend the half an hour I just did, trapped in my own mind which had turned against me.  Which is why when I was able I turned on my lamp and have spent a good 15 minutes watching footy videos.  I'm SO going to be a zombie at work today.

Sonic's really the only creepypasta I can handle, mainly due to the fact that
he's my hero and my brain simply cannot compute that he could be scary...
unless you steal his chilli dogs.

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