Friday, 25 April 2014

What a great day!

Got a lot of ground to cover today - what a blast!

First off, it's ANZAC Day.  Through all of the scandal that plagues our Defence Force in recent times, you can't ignore the fact that these people have put their hands up saying they're ready to die for this country.  They're willing to give up their futures, their hopes and dreams, family and friends, they're willing to stand in front of a gun and watch it disappear in the blink of an eye to protect Australia and her interests.  We all have a say in protecting this country, whether it's reporting something or someone suspcious, donating to institutions like Legacy or even signing up to the Military ourselves (I tried once and got told I was too immature...sigh).


Lions rise again!
Obiliterating everything that's not your friend!
Nothing can stop you now!
Riewoldt can't get you down!
When there's nothing left to lose,

SUPERMAN FLIES AGAIN!!!!!!! We won!!!!!!!!!!  At first I thought it would be another bad game from my sponsored player, but boy did Joel Patfull stand up!  I knew he would!  Trust me, the player that Joel is, this form will stick and he will be the 3-time Club Champ. Absolute legend.  I loved the ANZAC Guernsey too, shame you can't buy them.  LIONS FOR PREMIERS 2014!!!!!!!!!!! :3

Thirdly, I tried something new today - I went to my first live NRL game at Suncorp Stadium.  The atmosphere was a cross between a T20 Cricket match and a footy game - and very loud.  I'd LOVE to get 44, 000 people to the Gabba (well...yeah, good point, there isn't enough room).  For some reason though Suncorp felt smaller than the Gabba, a bit more intimate.  It was good to see the Rabbitohs get up over the Broncos too, while I won't be watching NRL on TV (because it's so fucking boring) I will definitely be seeing the Rabbitohs the next time they're in Brisbane.

And Norf won.  WTF?

(Interestingly this is my 24th blog post.  Huzzah for the number 24!)

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