Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Totally gross, but I've had enough

No one likes to talk about the female menstrual cycle.  It's the most disgusting week of the month, in more ways than one. 

First off, the sanitary industry seems to be under the idea that all women use tampons.  Tampons are great, and they do help alleviate 90% of the mess involved.  However, there are women like myself who can't use tampons.  Some women have suffered from Toxic Shock Syndrome, making it dangerous for them to use tampons.  Then there are women like me for whom symptoms such as cramps, vomitting and headaches are made worse by the use of tampons.  So we're stuck using pads, which in the main are often poorly equipped to handle the job.  It's all become about making things thinner, which doesn't bode well for those of us who rely on them heavily - especially at night.

Then there is the price.  For a decent pack of high-absorption pads you're looking at $7-$10 a pack.    This also affects males who are incontinent too - if they want a pair of incontinence underwear, they're looking at paying at LEAST $13 a pack (of about 8-10 pairs), and even then, I can tell you from experience that the underwear isn't as good as it sounds - it still leaks and smells.

My first question is, how hard is it to make sanitary items that work?  My slightly bigger gripe is, why do we all have to pay a premium just to feel clean?  It's not the nicest subject to bring up, but it's something that affects everyone.

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