Friday, 1 August 2014

#womenagainstfeminism - I'm not sure I agree

Browsing while watching the swans murderate the dons, I stumbled across this article, and it concerns me greatly.

#WomenAgainstFeminism goes viral as people explain why they don't need feminism anymore

If these women feel like they're getting a fair deal in their lives, then I am happy for them.  However, while they seem to be happy, there are still women in this world who are being oppressed, even in our Western society. 

I believe that a person should be judged on their merits, words and actions, not on their gender or sexuality.  Unfortunately there are still people, both male and female, who insist on treating women as lesser than their male counterparts.  While this happens, then there is still a requirement for something like feminism to exist.  Evidence of this is in fact in some of these photos.

This photo really annoys me.  Who is this woman to demonise a woman for being sexually free?  What business is it of hers what a women does with whom in her own bedroom?  Who is she to judge someone who gets an abortion?  Anyone who uses the word "slut" to demonise a women who likes sex seriously needs to get over themselves.  No one should feel shamed for their sexuality, whether they're hetro, homo, bi, trans, sexually available or waiting for that special someone.  Your sexuality is your own, and no one should ever have a say about it.

I look at this one and shake my head. It's not feminism that's "defiles" the dream of becoming a stay-at-home wife, it's non-feminist men and women who think that a stay-at-home mother is less of a person than them because they get to stay at home all day and their work is unpaid.  Until stay-at-home parents are no longer looked down upon, someone needs to take a stand.

Again with the shaming of women for their sexuality and having a go at abortions!  What a women does with her body is her own business, whether it's having sex or having abortions.  Who are we to judge each other?

Hey, YOU might be happy with being underpaid, but I have to support myself as I live alone.  If I do the same work as someone else, whether they are male or female then I want to be paid just as much as them, 100%!

There are people, men and women, on both sides of the argument who push things too far, and who do really hate the other gender and want to dominate over them.  But I'd say the vast majority do want a world where people aren't judged on their gender.  Things like this don't help attain this goal at all.

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  1. That top one is about how feminism has been telling boys they are predators and worthless for decades. It leads to boys that grow up resentful which can make them violent and disrespectful of women due to the insecurities and feelings of inferiority feminist speech stamps into their young impressionable minds for simply being a boy.

    What the world needs is equalism!

    Many women are attacked if they happen to choose a life, or have believes that are labeled "traditional". They don't want feminists telling them how they live is wrong or bad when they are just doing what's right for them.

    Both sexes do terrible things to each other. That's just people. Women think we have it really good because we naturally don't talk about such things. Women could easily think a guy has never had any terrible life shattering things done to him based on what the average guy will actually tell them freely, then wonder why he is so full of issues! We are programmed not to show weakness (which is how we see it).

    Guys do get upset when our girlfriends are discriminated against. If she's underpaid then that is less money coming into the house! Men have inbuilt instincts to "protect our women" but we are told that is sexist. So we sit down and shut up and are then attacked for not supporting them. We can't win! We're not setup for grey area, it's all or nothing.

    The women above, and my own girlfriend, are just reacting against extremism and self righteousness.

    And I definitely think women should be allowed to be as slutty and promiscuous as they like. But only if they want to.