Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Top Five Boss Themes

I've written a blog on Final Boss Music before, stating that annoys the ever-living crap out of me when for main boss battles you get awesome, fist-pumping music only to be given something rather lacklustre for the final boss. So, today I've decided to celebrate the Main Boss themes that I think should have been carried over to the Final Boss. Enjoy!

5. Final Fantasy 7 - Fight On!

How can you NOT love the heavy rock sound that gets you pumped to beat up on the toughest of foes. My first memory of this song was watching my older cousin Alan get his backside handed to him repeatedly by the Lost Number in Shinra Mansion in Nibelhelm. Since then I've loved it to bits, and was disappointed when it was overtaken by One Winged Angel for the final boss fight against Sephiroth.

4. Deep Duck Trouble

This one pisses me off on SO many levels it's not funny. Not only did they do away with the fun and interesting "Escape the Boss" battles of the earlier levels, they even changed the music to something I can't even remember! Come on, the last level should have been an awesome escape from the island after all the inhabitants you pissed off come back to try and stop you from getting away with their treasures.

3. Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

THIS BOSS MUSIC IS SO AWESOME! Not only that, but the main castle theme is pretty rad too - and both got nerfed if favour of two rather forgetable tracks. The first time I heard this against the Dragon of the Blacksmiths Castle I was PUMPED. It helps that I love that boss too.

2. Sonic 3 and Knuckles

That opening gets me every single time. As much as I do enjoy the final Boss theme of this game (not including the Super Sonic stage) this one is superior in every way in my book. It's fun, it makes me want to play fast and it's super-boppy - what makes a great boss theme in my opinion.

1. Lord of the Dance - Warriors

What, I never said this was limited to video games, did I? I've loved this piece since I was eight years old, and in my opinion it never gets old. It just oozes badassery and power, intimidation and energy, and after listening to it I need to calm myself down a bit before I can listen to anything else.

And who can forget the best boss battle ever?

When Michael Flatley jumps in I get a huge rush of energy like you wouldn't believe. I love this piece!

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