Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Top 5 Fast Food Joints

I admit it, I'm a fast food junkie. I love pizza and hamburgers and fried chicken and kebabs too much. So here are my top 5 favourite fast food places.

5. Nandos

The food is irresistable, but the customer service at just about every store is RUBBISH, which is why Nandos is so far down the list. Not to mention they don't respond to online complaints. Other than that I simply can't get enough Lemon and Herb Chicken. OMG YUM.

4. Pizza Hut

Their pizzas are pretty good and I won't say no to their chocolate mousse (neither did my Bastet when he was alive). However dealing with them feels very clinical and I feel like little more than a number sometimes. However they're great at getting your pizzas to you quickly and I can't fault their efficiency.

3. Sunshine Kebabs

Mainly friendly and with great kebabs, I don't mind heading out for a quick kebab at lunchtime. Do they have to be so expensive though?

2. McDonalds

I feel so dirty putting Maccas on this list, but their brilliant staff at Central Station have won me over, as have their steak and aioli wraps. Customer service is the way to my heart.

And at number one we have...


To be fair, when I knew they were once known as Beagle Boys I was hooked (YAY BEAGLES). Their pizzas are the BEST, their customer service is above and beyond, and I was devastated when they closed their Fortitude Valley store. For me, nothing beats a Garlic Prawn pizza, and I hope one day they open a store that services New Farm again.

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