Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Relationship with the Church

Days without bad eating habits: 45
Feeling: Middling
Anxiety Level: I'm surprised Selective Mutism hasn't kicked in yet
Activity Level: Giving in to all my exercise cravings - so much walking!

So here I am, back at the Laundromat, one of my magic points.  On the way to the Laundromat, I drive past a Catholic Chruch, and driving past one of those on a Sunday morning brings back memories.

You see, technically I'm a Catholic. Not a very good Catholic mind, I haven't been to Church in nearly 5 years (except for one trip to a Mormon Church but let's just forget that ever happened - apologies to any Mormons reading) and I'm not really sure where I stand with God. Sometimes it's easy to accept what atheists say, because they make a hell of a lot of sense, but something inside me just won't make the full conversion (sorry to all my atheist friends out there).

In fact, driving past a Church on a Sunday morning almost makes me want to rejoin the Church again - but why? Most of the time I spend in Church having theological arguments with myself, which I think is rather rude when you're trying to worship someone (apologies to my Catholic friends). It's like I'm the ultimate fence-sitter, unable to fully commit to either side. Is it the sense of community I miss? Am I just chasing after lost memories of my youth? Have I been brainwashed?

So what do I believe in then, seeing as I can't make up my mind on the whole higher-power thing? After thinking it through carefully, I think I've narrowed it down to three things:

1. I believe in storytelling
2. I believe in music
3. I believe in magic

I think that's enough for me to believe in right now while I make up my mind on the whole God thing. I'm sure He doesn't mind and would rather I make an informed choice with all the facts available.

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