Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Safe Schools - So much stupid...

I LOVE the original idea of Safe Schools, which was to make life easier for transgender/homosexual/etc children and educate everyone so that we can all live together with tolerance and respect.

Now our wonderful PM has decided to review this great inititive, because a bunch of closed-minded idiots are afraid of "indoctrination". Are you serious? What infuriates me more are some of the beyond idiotic Facebook comments, saying "Kids should be taught to harden up and stop sooking" and "Why can't they just conform?" Oh. My. Fucking. Glob. I have stated in previous blogs that the "suck it up and conform" attitude HAS FUCKING KILLED A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE PAST 100 YEARS, but no one seems to give a crap.

Not even 50 years ago, if you were homosexual/trans/etc, you either had to hide it (along with the depression and anxiety that came with it) or face so much abuse that your life wasn't worth living. And people want these attitudes to come BACK?! No! People go on about how "soft" children are nowadays - BULLSHIT. They're just as tough as they ever were, now they're just being taught that they have a right of feel safe and live a life free from presecution and fear. They're being taught that it's not right to abuse someone for being different. They're being taught that they DON'T have to "suck it up" and they're being taught that their actions, including their words, have consequences. 50 years ago, if you bullied someone, they more than likely lead a painful, short, solitary life and you got away with it. It just infuriates me that people think that this sort of ideal is okay!

It makes me even angrier because I've been there. I've been bullied, ostracised, alone, and I'm still paying the price for it, simply because I was born with the genetic flaw known as autism. People from 50-60 years ago are STILL paying the price for the bullying they copped as children. And yet we still blame the victims, and try to block any means of educating potential bullies so that they don't become bullies. This is just mind-boggling to me.

What. Fucking. Morons.

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  1. agree with everything you have said. i would love to go back in time and have the option of a safe school. the primary school i attended was anything but safe. i too was subjected to horrific physical bullying. my family were constantly visiting the principals office to get action, nothing ever happened.
    kids today dont uust get the bullying at school, but they come home and it follows them on their facebook, their text messages, everywhere. i reckon any environment that is accepting of those of us who are different instead of allowing us to be abused day in day out has got to be a good thing. i stead of having young people taking their own life, or attempting to, perhaps they will be able to channel their talents into things they excel at and will be able to leave a positive mark on the world instead of being lost. the politicians have no idea what we go through today, or what we went through in the not to distant past.