Sunday, 22 February 2015

100 Years Ago

February 22, 1915.  It was a Monday, so I would have been at work.  Of course, World War One was well in swing by then too.  Bombings were happening, fighting was rife and Australia and New Zealand were planning to take Gallipoli.  I probably would have been working in a workroom, sewing clothes, or perhaps I would have been in a military office, filling in forms and taking care of paperwork.  I could have been a nurse too.

I wouldn't  have been particularly worried about footy for a start - all of the boys who are currently on an AFL Club list would more than likely be getting ready to be sent overseas to fight.  My worries about having a new favourite player (Justin Clarke if you're curious) would be non-existent. I'd be more concerned about him and the other Lions being sent to their deaths on foreign shores.  It's something I've often thought about - if we were ever to find ourselves in another World War (and let's hope NOT) then I'd dare say the pressure would be on every sports-person in the country to join the fight. Think about it - over 700 players in the AFL, 400 in the NRL alone, all of them already sorted into "units" and nearly all of them at peak physical fitness.  It's not a thought I really like to dwell on though.

My little brother too is of the age where he'd be ready to be sent overseas.  The older of my two little sisters is also of an age where she'd also probably be a nurse or a worker.  Thankfully the youngest is still only eleven and wouldn't get involved, but given the economic repercussions of the war, I doubt she would have gotten away unscathed.

My Dad most definitely wouldn't be a lowly Warrant Officer any more.  I reckon he'd easily be a Colonel or even a General (what, my Dad is awesome.  I'm allowed to pump him up a bit), probably commanding overseas.  He'd be a bastard of a commander though, and I'd definitely feel for anyone under his command - he'd be super tough to live with.

Even though ANZAC Day is still a few months away, the War itself lasted so many years.  It might pay to think about that every so often for the next few years.

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