Sunday, 15 February 2015

I'm vaccinated, are you?

Yesterday I got my whooping cough vaccine (seeing as babies seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment).  Apart from my arm still being sore where the needle went in (which actually didn't hurt at all during the event, it's just NOW it's decided it's sore) I feel pretty good.  I found a place that does fried rice the way I like it (just outside the doctors too) and Australia smashed the ever-living crap out of England in the Cricket World Cup last night.

The thing that scares me still are the number of people who won't vaccinate.  Now, I understand there are people who CAN'T vaccinate - just like with any other food or medication there are people who are allergic to the ingredients, are already ill or are too young to have the injections.  It's THEM I got vaccinated for.  Because if enough of us are vaccinated, we can wipe out these diseases.

However there are STILL people who believe it's a big conspiracy, a way for the "Big Pharma" to steal their money.  I hope these people never take a painkiller or go to a doctor in their lives, otherwise they've just made the biggest hypocrites out of themselves.  I mean, really?  Getting vaccinated is one way to ENSURE the "Big Pharma" doesn't get your cash.

Actually, let's take a look at who the "Big Pharma" actually are, so that the "anti-vaxxers" can avoid supporting these evil establishments.  The some of the biggest players in the game are:

Johnson & Johnson
These people make bloody good band-aids, although I tend to use other brands as well.  They're also responsible for baby products such as baby oil and baby shampoo.  Their over-the-counter medicines include Nicorette (for those who want to quit smoking) and Sudafed (for those stuffy sinuses). They're also responsible for Listerine Mouthwash and the Stayfree line of womens sanitary products.

WOW.  Pfizer are responsible for a lot of antibiotics and other medications that you need a script for. Things like Viagra, ear drops, eye drops.  I got to admit, that website impresses me.

These guys are responsible for the wonders of Valium (aka diazepam) as well as a few anti-virals.

Lots of mothers would LOVE this company - it's the one responsible for that lovely cream Bepanthen. Young people would love them for their product Berocca.  Dads with bad toes and ladies with a bit of an itch downstairs love them for Canesten, Farmers love them for their wide range of herbicides.

The company responsible for Niccobate and Sensodyne (without which a lot of people could never enjoy ice cream).  Also responsible for my current sore arm.

So, to all those "anti-vaxxers" out there who "don't trust the Big Pharma" - are you SURE you don't trust them?

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  1. Good on ya Kez, proud of you mate. Now protect me against Chickenpox as I can't myself :(, immune system just doesn't 'take' to the vaccine, even after four attempts. Go Lions!