Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"BUY AUSTRALIAN!" How am I supposed to afford it?

Unfortunately for those who like their berries, Nanna's Frozen Mixed Berries have been pulled due to Hep A.

Now everyone is calling out for Australians to buy local.  I'd love to support my local farmers, having lived among them for 15 years, but I simply can't afford to.  With the price of rent, transport (whether I take public transport or not), electricity, gas et cetera going up, I can barely keep my head above water.  Every time someone mentions "savings" it's like a punch in the gut because there's no way I could afford it.

Are Australian producers going to lower their prices? Of course not.  Is the government going to make sure that employers pay their employees enough to keep up with the rising costs of living? HA HA HA HA! The fact is, if I want to be able to live and enjoy life, I'm going to buy the essentials that are the cheapest and hang where they come from.  Other people get to enjoy their lives, why should I suffer just because I get paid less when I work just as hard as they do?  Why should I feel guilty for buying cheap imports and monetizing my blog (yes, I'm doing it.  I need to pull an income in somehow!)?

There has to be a balance where the producers make a fair profit and the customers get a fair price.

Of course, it WOULD be nice if the imports were made to pass the same stringent tests as the local produce is, but that's another thing that will never happen.

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