Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Customer Service or Why I won't eat at certain places

There are two restaurants in particular that I have decided I won't frequent unless I have a voucher for free food, and those are Hungry Jacks and Nandos.  Why? Shot customer service.

With Hungry Jacks, at multiple stores I have been treated rudely.  When I filled in the online form to complain about said treatment, I got nothing.  Zilch, zip, nada, nothing.  It really irks me because a) I spent my hard-earned money at their establishment and b) I took the time to complain, surely even a "thanks, but we're ignoring you" was in order?

Nandos is another one.  Last night I had a bit of spare change, so I had some chicken.  When I got home and consumed said chicken, part of it was still undercooked.  Sure, I nuked it in the microwave and it was fine, but after filling in the complaint form on their website I still haven't heard anything.

Compare this to Eagle Boys, my favourite chain.  The MOMENT you put in feedback, you get an automated email thanking you for your feedback.  Then, within a working day, you generally get a phone call either from the franchise or from head office.  I've had to complain twice, once was about a driver who forgot the garlic sauce on my garlic prawns (SACRILEGE!) and the other time because my pizza was delivered with the topping anywhere but on the pizza.  Both times I got a sincere apology from both head office and the franchise, and a free pizza.  THAT is customer service.

McDonalds is another one I have to commend, mainly because of one person though.  I'm sure anyone who has been to the Maccas at Central will know what I'm talking about - there is one young lady there who always has a smile on her face and is enthusiastic.  She definitely has a flair for working with people and I wouldn't be surprised if she was the winner of multiple employee of the month awards.  She is another prime example of good customer service, and why I continue to enjoy McDonalds.

Customer service is so easy and so basic that it seems ludicrous that any business could get it wrong.  I'm sorry, but at the first whiff of bad customer service I am outta there - I'm not paying to have any negativity in my day.

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