Monday, 30 June 2014

Video Games

Video games can be great.  Absolutely love them.  Sonic the Hedgehog is and always has been my hero (although his treatment of poor Amy Rose leaves a lot to be desired) and I'm currently giving the Metroid series a bash.  Games like Llamas with Hats - Cruise Catastrophe and Adventure Time Card Wars also keep me amused, and I still dabble in Airfix Dogfighter and Unreal Tournament.

However, there comes a time when they aren't so entertaining.  There comes a time when you want to pick up your console and FLING THE FREAKING THING OUT OF A WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, sorry, I'm calm. 

Metroid is the one that's really pissing me off at the moment.  I've given up on Zero Mission, Mother Brain is a bullshit boss, especially with the turrents, Ringas and KNOCKBACK INTO THE LAVA sorry, calm, calm. 

 The Ringas are ever-spawning (and home in on you) and the turrets don't let up.  Worst of all is once MB's glass jar is broken she starts firing a beam at you, and can only be hit when her eye is open. 

Metroid Fusion is another one - Yakuza is infuriating.

I can get past the first form without too much drama, but the second form?  The head starts jumping around uncontrollably (thanks to it's stolen Space Jump ability - give it back you X bastard!) dropping insects that HURT.  Plus there's always the fact that it WILL hit you a fair few times, which makes the X Core form all the more annoying, as the stupid thing homes in on you.

(And just after I wrote this, I finally beat the damned thing.  Good LORD!)

Anyway, let's leave Metroid.  Let's head over to Sonic.

Namely, Sonic CD.

SCREW WHOMEVER PROGRAMED THE SPECIAL STAGES. Sorry, breathing, calm.  The hit boxes of the UFOs are dodgy, making Sonic clip through some of them.  Then there's the fact that in the later ones they move erratically and speedily - and if you land in the water, the timer speeds up.

The backgrounds are beautiful though.

Finally, let's talk about stupid AI.  I'm looking at you Dogfighter.

There are two escort missions in the game, and both of them are tedious and boring.  Mosty because of the stupid AI that either a) get themselves killed or b) decide they're not going to move until someone shoots them.  The rest of the game is brilliant and I love it, but those two levels can go screw themselves.

All of these games are brilliant, but sometimes even brilliant games can get frustrating.

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