Monday, 23 June 2014

Thank you Jonathan Brown

Yes, I know it's been a while, and no, I'm not telling you where and why I went.  What I AM here to talk about is someone who helped make the Brisbane Lions who they are.  The son of a Fitzroy player, drafted under the father-son rule.

The Great Man Jonathan Brown retired today.  I sat in sad silence while my disrespectful co-workers did their best to interrupt me.  Jonathan Brown is for Fitzroy what Michael Voss is to the Bears - a link to the past.  Two sides of the same coin.  Both amazing leaders and inspirational players who us Lions would follow anywhere. 

I don't want to believe it.  I still can't comprehend that Simon Black is gone, and the Big Brown Dog was supposed to play forever too.  They all were.  None of them were supposed to retire.  But in the wake of the old moving on, the new is coming through.  While it rips me apart to see the Legends depart, if they didn't we wouldn't have Jed Adcock.  Or Joel Patfull.  Or Dan Merrett.  Or Sam Mayes.  Or Izzy, Dizzy and Squizzy.  There'd be no James Polkinghorne to kick the torp, there'd be no Dan Rich to set the Gabba on fire with his left boot.

Jonathan Brown guided these boys, lead them and helped shape them.  He showed them how to be courageous and the way the game should be played.  He inspired them (and us), and now it's time for the boys to repay him and those who came before him.  It's time to make their own legacy, to do justice to the legends who have gone by.  This team belongs to the New Generation, to the Tom Rockliffs and Jack Reddens, the Matthew Leuenbergers and the Pearce Hanleys.

Thank you Jonathan Brown, for the great service and the amazing example you have given our Club.  I hope your retirement is all that you want it to be - just keep off a bike if you're in New Farm, I like my Veloster in one piece thank you!


  1. Nice work Kid.

  2. Good to see you back putting your heart into your writing Kerryn. Happy Anniversary, we all know what you will be watching tonight.