Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sheldon Cooper vs The Earl of Lemongrab

Again today my inclination towards being OCD and having Aspergers led to another "like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory" comment.

I can't stand Sheldon, nor can I relate to him.  He's a man who seems to project complete and utter arrogance and contempt for anyone who thinks differently to him.  While I can draw parallels between myself and the character...just no.

A much better comparision is between me and the Earl of Lemongrab.

To Lemongrabs credit, he tried.  He really does want to fit in and have people to share his Lemon way of love and life with, but because of the flawed way that Princess Bubblegum (who is a bitch who should be burnt alive) made him he has problems relating to the other Candy People.  In the end he couldn't and it ended with him becoming an angry dictator.  I really do feel sad for Lemongrab, he's not really a bad guy, he simply just can't relate to others.

Thankfully I have a much easier time than the poor Earl of Lemongrab, but there have been times when my "lemon way" has gotten me into trouble.  Road to hell paved with good intentions etc etc etc.  Whereas Sheldon is simply an abrasive arsehole who puts me off.

In other news, please check out this news article from the Brisbane Times featuring my mate Adam Staines from The Lions Roar - ESPECIALLY all my readers who follow Victorian-based Clubs.  You guys honestly have no clue, and this article might help shed a little light for you.  Or it could end in my blog being trolled by feral pies fans, but views are views and I like them all :-).