Friday, 27 June 2014

Look Ma, I'm bloggin'!

Some footy player will come on here and blast me for disrespecting them, but I honestly sometimes think that preparing to donate blood is pretty similar to how one would prepare for a footy game - eat the right meals (in my case, a stroganof -YUM), drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of sleep, and if you're donating platelets or plasma, extra prep is required in the form of more calcium-rich drinks (something I found out my first time donating plasma).  As you probably guessed, I'm preparing for my first blood donation in over six months (I got inked in January and it's a six month wait between tattoos and donating again), opening up a vein in my right arm to give plasma.  Being an "O neggy" and having a high platelet count means they'll probably be begging for my platelets soon, which I'd be more than happy to give.  Seriously, if you haven't given blood yet get your butt down to the Blood Bank and check your eligibility.  You need the feels. Call 13 95 96 or visit - it's worth knowing that you have saved lives (and free food!).

Speaking of life, I'm trying to get back into the habit of walking home of an afternoon - on one hand, it's nice to have the train/bus driver do all the work and not have to worry about crashing a car, but on the other hand people look at you weirdly if you start belting out "Jesus He Knows Me" on the Beenleigh line.  Of course, being in a car driving means no taking photos, and I do enjoy taking photos.  Especially now I've discovered the panorama function on my Galaxy Note 2.

From New Farm on Bowen Terrace

From the Botanical Gardens looking at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs

From the Riverwalk near Ivory Street

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