Thursday, 12 March 2015

Caffeine. Do we REALLY need it everywhere?!

I used to LOVE Mountain Dew.  It was the nectar of the gods, the drink to end all drinks, the ultimate in thirst quenching.  Then they added caffeine, and made the new caffeinated version the only version you could get.

I simply can NOT handle caffeine.  It spikes my anxiety and leaves me depressed.  Last time I had caffeine was when I was doing my first work trip to Rockhampton, and even a cup of tea every morning seriously messed me up (of course it didn't help that some of the people I was working with didn't really get along and the fact that the position in Brisbane that I'd been promised had been given to someone else when I had given up the inaugural Lions Hall Of Fame ceremony to work towards my transfer - me, bitter? Nah).  So why the obsession with adding caffeine to everything?

I can't go anywhere without seeing caffeine advertising or hearing about how everyone NEEDS caffeine.  My co-workers worship coffee, my Instagram feed is full of empty coffee cups, energy drinks are everywhere and even your average iced coffee is now boasting having extra caffeine. Thankfully my friends are of the non-judgemental type, so I can still go out for a "coffee" and enjoy a hot white chocolate or a milkshake, but there are some people who look at you weird if you even think of ordering a decaf (which still has a nasty caffeine content still!).  It's almost as bad as peoples obsession with alcohol (and don't get me started on how I'd love to ban that too!).

Look, have your caffeine addiction.  Nurture it, enjoy it, share it with other addicts.  But please, can't I at least have my Mountain Dew back?!

Pretty please?

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