Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Top 5 Players of 2015

Given that Joel Patfull has left the Lions, he has forfeited his title as "Kerryn's Favouritist Player Ever" (at least until he retires).  So it's only fitting that I find a new favourite or five. Enjoy!

5. Daniel Rich

I have often said that when this man dies they should cut off his magical left foot and put it on a display in a museum somewhere after using it to save the world.  Bursting onto the scene in 2009, this midfielder-cum-defender is our answer to the age old problem of getting from point D to point F. Sure, he needs to learn to shake a tag (no Taylor Swift references please) but his leadership and class make him a great addition to the Lions.  Not to mention the hair.  I reckon there's a fair few girls out there who would LOVE to see "Bam-Bam" do a Lions TV show on haircare.

4. Jed Adcock

The former skipper of the Lions (and personally, I think he should still be skipper), Jed was ALWAYS going to be Captain of the Lions at some point.  His quiet leadership and hardness at the ball make him indispensable as a leader of the Club, even if he does have the odd skill fade.  Easily one of my favourite Jed moments is when he kicked the Captains Goal against Geelong back in that legendary 2013 game that most Lions fans still hang their hat on (due to the fact we really didn't have a big comeback win in 2014 against a top 4 side.  Leppa needs to get on to that).  Jed is proof that you don't have to be loud and proud to be a great leader, which is an inspiration to us quieter types.

3. Matt Maguire

Speaking of inspirations, who DOESN'T love this guy?! After a devastating broken leg against the Eagles in 2006 while he was still playing with the Saints, "Goose" found his way to the Lions at the end of 2009.  He's since become one of our most valuable defenders, and a wonderful personality around the Club (just watch his "A Brew With Goose" segment on Lions TV).  It's a great story of how a guy can come back from an injury which pretty much kept him out of the game for a few years.

2. Daniel Merrett

Speaking of characters, "Sauce" has enough character for the entire team!  Sure, his 2014 was forgettable, but prior to that he made his name as a great defender who could easily plug up holes up forward (just goes to show how easy being a forward is).  The "Rusty Fist" is legend at the Club for saving more goals than one can count, as well as having an aggressive streak to rival that of the most precious forwards.  Although one of my favourite moments, I was unfortunately sitting up at the Essendon end of Etihad Stadium when he took out whatshisface in 2013 - as I have often mentioned, I was terrified that the Essendon fans were going to kill me in retribution!  Another great leader at the Club, and another great guy to have around the place.

1. Justin Clarke

Speaking of fearing death from Essendon fans, another one of my favourite moments is when Justin made his presence known against that guy from the Dons - he quickly became my second-favourite after that, thus naturally he was going to take the top spot when that other bloke left.  The future of the Brisbane Lions defence, he's started his career well and looks to keep on going.  A lovely young South Australian as well as intelligent, I can easily see a few premierships and AA nominations coming for Justin. However I also would LOVE to see back-to-back Club Championships.  It's a thing I have.

Yes, all my favourites are either defenders or have played in defence.  Let's face it, the Mens Club is the best part of the team!


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