Sunday, 22 March 2015

Disgusting, vile VULTURES!

If a puppy got hit by a truck chasing cars, how many people would be outraged if that was taped and replayed while morons speculate on what sort of damage was done to the puppy?  Anyone with any sort of conscience you say?  Then why the hell do we allow it for sports people?!

I'm currently watching the GWS vs Swans NAB Cup game (and trying to swallow down the vomit, I swear I'm trying my best to support them but it's so hard!) and poor Lance Franklin has gotten a nasty knock to the head. Suddenly the game is forgotten in the speculation of what sort of grisly injury Buddy has.  The incident gets replayed ad nauseum and cameras are nearly trying to get into the ambulance as he's taken away for scans.  I certainly hope he's okay.

Now, young Will Hoskin-Elliot has hurt his shoulder.  I counted no less than FOUR slow-motion replays of the collision, not to mention the constant "Is it a shoulder, has he broken his ribs?" before having a good old chuckle over their guesses when the camera shows the poor boy on the bench with ice on his shoulder.

YOU DISGUSTING PIGS.  I don't know if you've NOTICED, but that is a HUMAN BEING who has been HURT and is in PAIN, and you're LAUGHING?!  A living, breathing creature has been injured and all you can do is speculate and watch again and again?!

It's not just AFL either, you watch any sport and I'll bet any money if a player gets injured they'll replay the incident again and again, looking for the EXACT moment that the injury occurred, just for shits and giggles.  The only person who should be worried about that footage is a doctor so he can correctly diagnose and repair the damage.  I am sick of the lack of respect that people are shown when they are sick or injured.  Yes, I understand people are curious and like to know that their favourite sports people are okay.  I have no problem with people wishing the best for those who are sick or injured.  I have a BIG issue with showing these incidents just for a ratings grab and something to talk about.

Especially when I'm TRYING to watch a game!

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