Saturday, 7 March 2015

Why I get so mad when footy players act up

Oh Karmichael.  Why?  You're a star in THREE codes, why would you do something that you KNOW is illegal and risk it all?

Or Essendon with their stupid drug saga.  Or players who treat fans like dirt.  They all piss me off no end, and it makes me hate them with a passion.


When I was six/seven years old, I loved Tony Lockett.  I wanted so badly to be a big power forward too, and play in a Grand Final and kick the winning goal.  Of course, there was one big glaring problem.  It was pretty upsetting when it was pointed out to me.  That's right, you guessed it - I'm female.  No matter how hard I trained, no matter how good I got, I was never going to be able to live my dream and play footy alongside my favourite players (I think it was about that time too that I decided defenders were much cooler than forwards anyway, and I ditched Sydney for the Lions. YAY CHILDHOOD TRAUMA!).  It was upsetting then and it still irks me now, especially when the men (not boys, MEN) who have been granted the privilege that I was denied due to the wrong sperm getting through abuse said privilege by behaving like animals and spoilt brats and defend it under the "boys will be boys" mantra.

Do you KNOW what I would have given to have that same privilege?! To have been able to aim for being picked up by an AFL Club?  Sure, there were plenty of other sports I could have gone for (and let's face it, even if I trained the house down I'd never be any chop at any of them anyway) but Aussie Rules has always been my favourite sport.  Even if I had been the best of the best, I'd never have a chance at playing at the MCG on the last Saturday in September.  I'd never have the opportunity to lift up the Premiership Cup, or win the Norm Smith Medal or the Brownlow or the Merrett-Murray Medal.  And these players, these ungrateful FOOLS, they flaunt it, they make a mockery of it, they take it for granted.

Now, I know not all players are like this.  A lot of them are pretty decent human beings and actually use the brains they were given.  However when the idiots start, it's hard not to get angry.

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